Coworking Retreat

3 islands: Faial, Pico, S. Jorge

Cowork by the beach and enjoy your free time with surf trips, meditation retreats, sailing, whale watching, diving, volcanic wine tasting, sunset parties

Venture Boost consult:  if you have a startup or business idea, consult with our expert team and understand how to use European Union capital funds to boost your company and how to optimize taxation in Europe.

Performance Retreat

15 days to embrace digital nomadism, work remotely and: 

  • Get in shape physically: The right training, the right nutrition and the right mindset;
  • Get in shape mentally: Clear objectives, deep work, the right techniques;
  • Learn to integrate the right habits into your routine and become an unstoppable beast!


15 days to embrace digital nomadism, work remotely and:

  • Get a scuba-diving license;
  • Learn the basics of freediving and of sailing;
  • Learn how to live from the sea, as a means of survival, with the sea, as a souce of enjoyment