Ocean-immersion - 15 days

This project was created for those who want to become proper watermen/waterwomen, and learn how to live from the sea – as a means of life and a source of enjoyment.

The current retreat includes:

  • Getting a scuba-diving license (according to your experience – open waters, dive master, so on): with trained and experienced professionals so you may properly and safely experience one of the world’s best diving places.
  • Learning the basics of freediving and of sailing, as we explore the islands and go on some snorkeling adventures;
  • Learn how to fish (optional) and prepare your food, make a camp-fire and the basics of nature survival

Aditionally spend some quality time coworking, kayaking, surfing, sailing, hiking, doing yoga, and meditating… as you enjoy the best the Azores have to offer.

The Azores Archipelago is a green paradise located in the North Atlantic, bathed by clear blue water, warmed by a branch of the Golf stream, an ecological sanctuary. Its volcanic origin sculped some of the most astonishing sights in the world, where mountains meet the sea, a place that became a must-visit for all nature lovers.

Nomadatlantic offers all the necessary infrastructures for professionals all over the world to enjoy what these islands have to offer: coworking facilities by the beach, comfortable local accommodation, a variety of materials, activities and experiences for a perfect work-life balance. Our activities are spread around 3 islands. the Azorean Triangle (Faial, Pico and S. Jorge) enables a diverse possibility of experiences based on the unique characteristics of each island.

S. Jorge



By the beach​

Our coworking space is on top of the beach, so, every time you feel like it, you can go for a swim or use the material we have available to better seize the ocean: snorkel, paddle, surf, fish.​

Professional Tools​

Our facilities offer high-speed Wi-Fi, a open-space working area, meeting rooms, lockers and even consulting services to take advantage of potential sources of investment from the region to develop your own business.​

Relax Areas​

Besides being next to the beach, we have a sunny blessed terrace where you can chill, barbecue, read a book or enjoy an occasional sunset party.​

Bar & Restaurant

Our facilities include a bar-restaurant so you don’t have to worry about your meals. If by any reason, you not 100% relaxed… well, that’s why we also have a bar.​



Everyone will be allocated to one of our specially picked host partners, according to availability. 

All rooms will have the following characteristics:

  • Private room and bathroom
  • Access to cooking facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Located in Horta (city)
  • With direct transportation to the coworking facilities


Everyday, people all over the world dream about quitting their jobs for an opportunity like this. What are you waiting for? Hurry before you get quarantined again.