Azores islands, Portugal

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Our lifestyle

In Nomad Atlantic we are building communities of dynamic of people searching for places to work, live and, honestly, have fun. Our destinations offer co-working and co-living infrastructures always surrounded by astonishing nature and near the ocean where you can swim, surf, sale, dive, party… or simply chill. We take care of everything.


Work on your projects, create new projects, network, or simply find a quiet corner where you can be left alone, whatever. We provide the tools and the infrastructure.


Great taste, comfortable and with awesome people. Let us take care of where you are going to live to better enjoy this experience. Forget about bedbugs, or creepy places where the host likes to watch you sleep.


Our destinations are always next to the ocean so you can always take a break from work and go swim or splash around. We provide material for you to snorkel, paddle, surf, fish… just enjoy life by the sea.


Surf trips, wine-tasting events, hiking and meditation retreats, sailing and sunset parties… and a variety of courses. You will only be bored if you want to.

Your word, not ours


Have the words of people who stayed with us:


Everyday, people all over the world dream about quitting their jobs for an opportunity like this. What are you waiting for? Hurry before you get quarantined again.